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About Us

Chorus Intelligence is an award-winning international software company, providing law enforcement agencies with cutting-edge data search, cleansing, and analysis tools. The Chorus Intelligence Suite (CIS) supports agencies in reengineering their digital investigations, providing them with the tools to confidently collect, combine, and connect data and turn it into intelligence and evidence.

With 90% of the UK's Police Forces using Chorus for the nation's biggest cases, Chorus' natural progression was to move Stateside. Chorus has established itself across the United States with a large number of flagship clients, from Anchorage, AK to Miami, FL.

Join us as we look to eliminate disparate data sources and optimize digital investigations across the United States.

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Overview of the CIS

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One Single Data and Case Hub

The CIS is a digital repository for all digital data related to an investigation. Browser-based, it can be securely accessed at any time.

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Federated OSINT and Consented Data Search

Perform federated searches across multiple social media and consented data sources alongside unstructured data held locally by your organization, from one user interface. Combine intelligence from multiple  sources.

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Leverage Internal Data

Chorus can tailor specific integrations to each organization where the requirement exists e.g. CAD/RMS and many other systems. 

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Unstructured Data Upload

Uncover hidden intelligence across your disparate, internal, and legacy unstructured data. The CIS allows you to upload this, index it, and make it searchable.

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Cleanse, Combine, and Connect Your Analytical Data

Use an intuitive and customizable dashboard to overlay different data types to identify patterns, make connections and answer key questions.

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Security assurance

The CIS is a platform with security at its core. Deploy it using the AWS Government Cloud, built in line with CJIS standards.

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